Jennifer has been coaching actors for 15 years. Her clients include talent of all ages, with varying levels of experience from just having signed with an agent to performing on the Broadway stage to playing series regulars on tv shows.   

Jennifer knows how to work with each actor’s unique personality and this helps “pull character off the page”.  Her method also ensures that no two people will play the same role the same way.  Her technique gives actors an empowering set of analytical and physical tools.  The actor learns to analyze scenes for tangible, physically-playable objectives, and to use his or her imagination, voice, body and sense of play to bring the character and the story to life.  She encourages self-reliance, professional work habits, and mutual support and respect between artists.

If Jennifer works with any actor under 18, coaching is done with a parent and/or guardian in the room.  Jennifer feels it is important for the parents to learn along with their child.   She also understands that the parents not only enjoy watching the process and progress but knowing their child is in their sight/sound throughout the session.  

Jennifer is well known as the “go-to coach” for all types of comedy for actors.  She feels that honing one’s comedic skills plays a large part in helping actors in their dramatic work as well.  Having performed as a comedic actress, stand up/improvisational comic, and comedy writer,  Jennifer is an expert at “bringing out the funny” in all styles of the art.  When it comes to dramatic pieces, Jennifer’s respect and sensitivity for her clients helps the actor feel comfortable and safe working with more vulnerable roles.

After studying theater at StonyBrook University in New York, Jennifer moved to New York City where she took seven years of scene study and acting at The T. Schreiber Studio.  She acted in over 25 plays, her favorites being directed by Terry Schreiber in his plays, “The Seagull” and, “The Iceman Cometh”.

Jennifer has performed her self-written comedy in clubs such as “Gotham”, “Improv”, “The Comedy Cellar”, “Catch a Rising  Star” and others.  Her comedy writing skills also include punching up t.v. pilots for Peter Mehlman, and Bruce Helford.  She is currently writing a 1/2 hr, single-camera, comedy pilot script.

Jennifer’s plans include on-set coaching for television and films as well as traveling with actors out of state as they work on projects and want their very own personal acting and/or dialogue coach to be with them.

Jennifer also coaches improvisation to ill children in affiliation with the charity The Art of Elysium.


“Jen is an excellent coach. Even after six years of coaching me, she still challenges me and helps to improve my skills as an actor. She can find the funny in anything, including: dry comedies, comedy for younger audiences, and everything in between.  She doesn’t just coach me for auditions, she helps me to improve on things she thinks I need work on. If there were a video game based on acting coaches, I’d give her a 99/99 rating…only because they don’t go to 100.” - Joseph Schirle…Actor (Trauma, Super 8 (v.o.), The Tooth Fairy, Up in Arms, Private Practice, Rizzoli and Isles (Guest Star, August 2014), Haunted Hathaways (Recurring Guest Star, 2014) Several feature films…

“Jennifer works hard and gets results…I highly recommend her.” - Nicole Jolley…(Agent at Amsel, Eisenstadt, Frazier.  Youth department)

“Ms. Jen is an excellent coach.  She works so hard to make sure I’m prepared for any situation that may arise in an audition. Her knowledge and understanding of how to approach each role has helped me tremendously, and she is always so positive. I always look forward to working with her, and am lucky to have her as a coach.”     Morgan E. Bastin
“Jennifer approaches her work with the enthusiasm of a child and the learned skill set of a true professional…her coaching is invigorating….”- Ed Kerr…Actor/Writer (“What I like about you”, “Men in Trees”, Many Series Regulars , Co-Creator of RoleStar, Etc.)


 ”Jen Jacobson teaches me how to act like myself–which is never easy. She’s great. I highly recommend her to any comic who wants to be an actor.” - Jeffrey Ross (Comic/Actor/Writer/Producer)


“I love Jen! I always have so much fun working with her; she is so uplifting and supportive of everything I do. There is always room to improve and she helps me do just that! With every session I learn so much and am looking forward to continue working with her!” -Courtney Grosbeck (Recurring on Parenthood, Modern Family)


“I never thought I was good at comedy. I was really never brave enough to even attempt it. Working with Jen is so comforting for me because I was able to tap into my newly discovered funny.  She allows me to discover characters on my own and guides me to think outside the box.  I always learn and have a great time with Jen! – Chelsea Grosbeck (Actress and talented, lovely, sister of Courtney Grosbeck.)

 ”Jen is a brilliant acting coach. She has the ability to transform one’s performance in a very short amount of time. When our sessions are finished, I already feel a sense of accomplishment. When I walk into an audition, I feel confident and know from working with Jen, her coaching will help me succeed.” -Fallon Smythe…(Teen Actor)
“Jen is a gift to child actors of all ages.. She knows exactly how to help the child create a connection between themselves and the character. Her sessions are fun while working diligently through the whole session. She has often worked with my daughter prior to auditions, which boosts confidence, refines her performance and nails the audition. I recommend Jen for beginner actors and those already on set. Jen Jacobson is an amazing coach.”
-Rebecca Prephan…(Parent of Fallon)

“Jen knows way more than just “acting”, beyond just sitting across from an actor and telling them to read their lines and what they need work on…brings out the “realness” in any actor she works with. Jen’s intensity and body awareness grabs the actor’s attention and gets them to not only pay attention, but want to do great. Her energy literally lifts off of her and spills over onto the person sitting across from her and eye contact with the actor is piercing…drawing in the emotion needed for each part. Her laughter and joy of coaching makes ANY person that works with her want to be great. When she coaches, she knows exactly what looks real and what doesn’t. The subtlety of her coaching pulls out their true character without actually telling them what to do. The actor’s self esteem is never burdened by her comments…makes the actor reach and think. Watching Jen have the actors repeat certain lines to pull out a certain “something” is so awesome because it works every time! She questions the actor on why they are doing what they are doing, and unless they know “WHY” they are doing something, the realness doesn’t show. Jennifer cares and it shows…so dedicated and they feel that. There’s no looking at her watch, trying to take breaks, trying to just run-down the time so she can be done. Jen is present and aware. Because Jen cares, this is what makes all the magic happen.” -Renee Brown…(Mother of Tyree Brown,  Series Regular -”Parenthood”)


“I consider myself lucky to be a client of Jennifer’s. She is a generous teacher with her time and energy, as well as her wisdom shared.” -Ian Kahn…(Theater-Broadway and off-Broadway, t.v., and film actor)

“Jen works quickly and does not waste time over-analyzing, or intellectualizing acting technique…makes the sessions more about you “doing” and less about you sitting and listening…Jen knows how to get you to stretch and find traits in your acting you didn’t know you possessed.” - Andrew Norelli…(Comic/Writer)


“Jen’s clients get jobs. Period. She’s the best I’ve ever known at preparing actors for auditions and bringing out their best on-camera.” -Peter Mehlman…Writer/Producer – (“Seinfeld”, “Madagascar”, Etc.)


“…The expertise Jennifer brings is beyond words. She goes the extra mile to get it right…my daughter felt totally prepared…she is a found treasure a true diamond in the rough. The years of Jennifer’s experience is very evident in her coaching. She is the real deal, and you need to look no further for a coach because she is all you will ever need.” (Actress  Shanna Strong’s mom)

“Jennifer is strict in a good way. She works hard with you to make sure that you know how to get in character and stay focused…is very uplifting because she is positive which makes you feel good about yourself and your work. I would recommend Jen to anybody.” - Adrian Kali Turner…Actor (“My Name is Khan”, “iCarly”, “Numb3rs”, “Chuck”, “Bad Teacher”, Etc.)


“Jennifer Jacobson is such a wonderful person and coach. She has helped with my sons, Frank and Morgan work on and prepare for such a broad range of projects. She is very talented and can truly bring out the dynamic characters for each role. We have been very blessed to work with her and to be coached by a such a well rounded and fun person.” - Kaleb Gingerich,  father of Frank & Morgan Gingerich; (Twins…in Adam Sandler’s, “Grown Ups”)

“Jen is our first recommendation to our talent for acting and dialogue coaching. She is professional, knowledgeable and gets results. Every one of my clients who works with Jen has improved their skills and learned invaluable strategies for their next big audition. Jen’s personalized approach makes her perfect for everyone looking to sharpen their craft–from kids just starting out to seasoned actors and everyone in between. Jen is highly regarded in the business, as testified by the clients, agents and casting directors who continue to work with and recommend her.” - Shannon Malloy…(Agent JE Model and Talent)

“A REAL genius among kind of geniuses! Jen reminds me of my teachers at Yale-not trying to prove anything to anyone, just getting the actor to have fun and bring out the best performance.” - Francesca Cecil…(Actress)

“Jen is so much fun to work with and always brings out the best in me…she reads between the lines of the script…she’s the best coach I’ve ever had!”- Marquis Scott…Actor (“My Name is Khan”, “Malcom in the Middle”, “The Bernie Mac Show”, “Everybody Hates Chris”, Etc.)

“Jennifer is an enthusiastic and generous coach who always makes you feel safe with your choices and then finds ways to improve upon them.” - Andrea Baker….Actress (“What Women Want”, “Pleasantville”, many many cartoons)

“Jen has the unique ability to create an environment which makes kids laugh, feel, understand, and listen. Our daughter’s agents have seen a big difference since Jen became her coach…” - Lisa McCauley re Paige McCauley… (Actress and singer.)

“Within a minute, she was already helping me!…Jennifer Jacobson is FANTASTIC!!!” - Teona Weslly…(Winner of First Place Trophy for “Sitcom” at IMTA Competition)


Travel Coach, On Set Coach

Jennifer is able to Skype and Facetime with clients all over the country.  She would love to travel with actors who book jobs out of state and want a personal acting and/or dialogue coach to be with them while away from home.

She is excited to work more as on-set and on-site coach for tv and film.  Jennifer understands that working as an on-set coach her job is to not only bring out the best performance in the talent but also to maintain the vision of the director/s and producer/s.  She loves the idea of being part of a team working together with the same goal.








Please send an email to book time or discuss a project.


My Favorite Life Coach: For Parents of Youth Actors

Erika Feresten, M.A., CLC  310-471-4628

Life Coach I, Jennifer Jacobson, Highly Recommend For Parents of Youth Actors

Having been an actress, being married to a successful TV writer and being a mom of a toddler with representation, I thoroughly understand the ins and outs of the entertainment business.  I am passionate about supporting parents of  professional youth actors as they navigate the turbulent waters of the entertainment business and will give you tools to maintain your child’s and
your own professional, mental and emotional clarity.

As your child’s career brings successes and unique industry challenges,  you will be able to help your child stay connected to their Authentic Self and make healthy professional and life choices.  These skills will be foundational should your child remain in the business with a long-term career such as Ron Howard or find a thriving second career as did Ambassador Shirley Temple Black.